In the 1980s the Carl-Duisburg-Gesellschaft from Germany built together with the KKU the so called KKU-Weirs in Northeast Thailand. Those types of weirs are very common and have to be improved and also adapted to the state of the art. One pilot measure at one of those weirs should act as an initial point for the Competence Center and should be used as a field laboratory to test, check and measure various parameters. One region with three consecutive KKU-Weirs in the Huai Sai Bat River basin was selected.

     First actions were already taken as first meetings and discussions with the communities and administrations regarding that project took place in April 2015.

     The middle of those three weirs was selected together with the farmers and administratives in November 2016 to be the one with the biggest potential. Constructions were undertaken in March to May 2017. Due to an early starting rainy season some smaller tasks remained to finish.

     Local farmers and workers are involved in the process to improve the understanding of the system and the ideas. Therefore also a manual will be provided for the Local Administrative Office and the Farmers.