The Huai Sai Bat River Basin is a small river basin and is part of the Chi River basin, which is one of the biggest river basins in Northeast Thailand (Link to Northeast Thailand).

     The main vulnerability of the Huai Sai Bat River Basin is an insufficient water management. For instance water storage is inadequate. The hydraulic structures are in many cases in damaged conditions or not controllable, which limits their effectiveness.

     In the 1980s the Carl-Duisburg-Gesellschaft from Germany built together with the KKU the so called KKU-Weirs in Northeast Thailand. Those types of weirs are very common and have to be improved and also adapted to the state of the art, especially regarding ecological aspects. One pilot measure at one of those weirs should act as an initial point for the Competence Center. The Huai Sai Bat River basin was selected for pilot measure implementation.