In order to ensure the sustainability and visibility of the Thai-German Competence Center for Sustainable Water Resources Management, the center shall function as a central hub for research & development, training and implementation activities in the field of Sustainable Water Resources Management. The project partners are planning to initiate and establish long-term, strategic partnerships with national counterparts (e.g. government (Royal Irrigation Department (RID), Department of Water Resources Management(DWR)) and NGOs) in order to ensure the sustainability of the center in future. Through these strategic partnerships the center can directly give its consultancies to the national authorities and decision makers and directly participate in defining e.g. national standards. Through this close linkage to the authorities, the Competence Center will also be able to react quickly in case of changes in the priority of Thailand’s future development and water management plans and to respond rapidly to changed requirements. The center can then extend its scope of expertise.

     The visibility of the center will be strengthened by its growing number of projects and network. In the first phase, potential members of the network will be addressed directly (e.g. administrations, municipalities, universities but also interested and engaged individuals). Those members directly profit from the competence center but will also contribute with own activities and later with membership fees.